Saturday, August 2, 2014

Meindert ...from Isle of Man

I brought my Friesian called Meindert to a clinic, and afterwards Andrea came over to me to tell me what impressions he had received from him.  Andrea could not have known we had been away to a clinic in the south of England just weeks beforehand and that I was incredibly proud of Meindert and what we had achieved there - but that's what he told me, which was astonishing. Andrea picked up on the intense love that my horse has for children and for me and my happiness, and also told me about some areas I need to check from a body scan he did. I've no doubt they will turn out to be right. I know I am lucky to have this horse in my life, and Andrea just confirmed it. Andrea was kind, calm and warm and a pleasure to hear someone with my horse's best interest at heart.
...Andrea I thought you might like to know that today I checked Minders feet and found on his back left hoof he has got what we call cracked heel across his hoof underneath all the hair. It is only on one foot, like you said :-) he has never had this before, and I thank you most sincerely for making me check very closely. It is now being treated. Thank you! 
Helen, Isle of Man