I brought my Friesian called Meinder to a clinic, and afterwards Andrea came over to me to tell me what impressions he had received from him.  Andrea could not have known we had been away to a clinic in the south of England just weeks beforehand and that I was incredibly proud of Meindert and what we had achieved there - but that's what he told me, which was astonishing. Andrea picked up on the intense love that my horse has for children and for me and my happiness, and also told me about some areas I need to check from a body scan he did. I've no doubt they will turn out to be right. I know I am lucky to have this horse in my life, and Andrea just confirmed it. Andrea was kind, calm and warm and a pleasure to hear someone with my horse's best interest at heart.
...Andrea I thought you might like to know that today I checked Minders feet and found on his back left hoof he has got what we call cracked heel across his hoof underneath all the hair. It is only on one foot, like you said :-) he has never had this before, and I thank you most sincerely for making me check very closely. It is now being treated. Thank you! 
Helen, Isle of Man

Andrea worked with my cat Glen.  He is a beautiful 13 year old cat with some past issues, causing him to be anxious and stressed.  This lead to Glen spraying in the house, which was becoming a big problem!.  Andrea spent 2 weeks 'talking' to Glen before giving me a full and in-depth report.  Andrea knew things about Glen's past that there is no way he could've known, which really surprised me!  And he was able to give me help and advice on what Glen wanted, in order to make him feel more comfortable and safe.  Andrea suggested a number of things we needed to change in order to help the situation, which we have done, as well as asking Glen to stop doing the things that we found difficult, like spraying in the house.  And it worked!  Since then, Andrea has taught us how to talk to Glen ourselves, through visualising images and sending them to Glen to understand.  I have to be honest, both myself and my Husband were sceptical at first.  But now, we understand Andrea's skills and after hearing things about Glen and using his techniques to make Glen's life better, we're total believers that animal and humans can communicate.  You should learn these techniques from Andrea Contri and talk to your pets yourselves!!
Kate, Hythe (United Kingdom)

My name is Giusy and I have a six and a half year old cat called Martina. She’s very quiet and sweet, but she frightens easily. She hides when anyone comes into the house and is shy with me too. She doesn’t want me to pick her up, and is rigid and tense if I do, and more so if I try to give her a kiss!
I asked Andrea for help, and although I honestly didn’t under stand everything he wrote, I found  many  aspects he mentioned very exact: where her food is placed, her paws held against me vertically, the shelves near the entrance, my job ( I was a bartender), my love of fit boxing. These are things that only someone who lived with me could know of, and I was sincerely surprised. Later, talking to Andrea to try to understand Martina better, I discovered she had no problem with me but that she prefers to be picked up in a different way. So I’ve changed the way I hold her and she seems happier, but most important of all, I’ve learned that it’s her personalità to be shy, and not something I was doing wrong. Now we’re both much happier together! Thanks Andrea.

Giusy, Modena (Italia)

Andrea Contri has been a dedicated and exceptional student in Animal Communication. I have been blown away by his case studies and he truly has a genuine love and understanding of the animals he works with. I wish him much success in his continued work with animals and recommend him to anyone who would like to gain a deeper understanding and better relationship with their animal friends.
Wynter Worsthorne, Noordhoeck. (South Africa)

Thanks for your report about Alba. You made a surprisingly real analysis of her daily life. Two things in particular were surprising: the dog she sees in the garden, who belongs to our neighbor, and the meals she shares with me, patiently waiting for a little piece of bread.
I’m very pleased and have promised myself to let Alba out of the house by herself  next Sunday and see how it goes. I’ll let you know. Your work was very satisfactory.
                                                      Donata, Pistoia. (Italia)

 Mosè isn’t a stray; he’s a free soul. He lives happily near the sea, in nature, and knows how to give and receive affection. Thanks to your analysis, Andrea, I’ve come to know him better, and this experience has enriched us both, I’m sure. We meet every day and he accompanies me on my walk, then returns to his hideaway, where I leave food and water for him.
He knows I love him and he loves me too. This is why we both want to thank you, Andrea!
Silvia, Oristano (Italia)

Copper has always expressed herself very clearly but often with aggression. I also feel that she protects me from worry and because she worries about me so much, she doesn't always let me know when something is wrong with her.
Her communication to you about biting a woman's hair seems to be her very up and down relationship with her previous owner, who was very domineering.
As for the eating privately, I knew that she hated being watched when she ate and I am so grateful that you got that from her. The new stables have complete privacy and the fighting between the horses is minimal.
 Her confidence is something I really love and am proud of as I feel I helped her to develop it. I am also a show off when it comes to performing and to jump a horse that loves it as much as I do is the greatest privilege on earth! She is so talented.
 Copper is a lot gentler these days. maybe part pregnancy and maybe partly because she feels that I am listening to her. She is affectionate and playful and seems so happy and fulfilled in general.
Thank you for your work with the Copper.
Tanya, Cape Town (South Africa)

Top Deck had only ever said a word or two to anyone and mostly regarding food or me. When I left for my ride, the day Andrea was with her, I saw a connection in the way she was looking at him.
Being able to listen to her through you definitely brought us closer and knowing where she was sore was wonderful as I could treat that area.
 I was so happy to know that she loves to work with children as it can be a lot of pressure too. When her eye was in such bad shape, she communicated to Heather because Andrea had opened her up to it and she worried so much that she wasn't a part of my work anymore! When she started riding again, the happiness was written all over her!
 I know that she has had a hard life and I know now that she recognizes that she has a good life with me. It seems that Andrea’s communication was the start of a new way for her. Between his communication and her almost losing her eye, our relationship has completely changed and I feel so incredibly close to her now.
I am so grateful for your work with the horses and would love to continue to work with you.
 Tanya, Cape Town (South Africa)

I had a consultation with Andrea about my canary whose name is Sun.
Sun has been my family member for about 7years and very healthy boy with beautiful voice, but I had worried as he wasn't singing at all anymore. After Andrea had some sessions with Sun in animal communication method, the report that he sent to me was very detailed and sincerely written.  The surrounding environment around Sun including his physical view from a cage described on the report were almost precise for the real setting of my home.
What impressed me the most was that Andrea achieved to lead Sun to sing again.
One morning that Sun suddenly started to sing in my room as before, I took note in my diary. Then later, I knew that Andrea was patiently asking Sun to sing exactly on that day and actually succeeded by singing together with him...!
Now, Sun seems recovering his singing habit little by little.
Compared to pet animals such as cats or dogs, I've thought a small canary's feelings look much more vague and difficult to assume for humans. But Andrea's animal communication opened up the bird's sensitivity into human world and I was very lucky
person to have this consultation.

Emiko, Tokyo (Japan)

Hi Andrea, I want to thank you for the work you’ve done. Your analysis perfectly corresponded to my cat’s character and  I found many things relating to the first part of her life, in particular the two operations she underwent. It also helped me to understand some of her strange behavior and her sudden moods. Thank you again.

Enzo, Modena. (Italy)

Hi  Andrea,
Many thanks from Nina, who’s now well. If you hadn’t told me about the problem with her mouth and head I probably wouldn’t have continued the cure and may have had to put her down. You also mentioned the color green associated with her food, and Nina loves to eat in the garden and drink from a dish on the grass..Thanks again!
Giuliana, Modena (Italy)

I’m a vetereinarian.The most difficult thing in our work is that our little friends can’t tell us what is wrong with them. So I decided to ask Andrea to help me with a particular case that I had to deal with. It was a small male guinea pig which had lost its appetite and had difficulty breathing. It also had gastric meteorism and abdominal pain. Its principal problem was its jaw, where an abcess had “eaten” most of the bone, preventing it from feeding normally. We began all the necessary therapy, most of it subministered by mouth with a syring without a needle, or by injection. Despite all the therapy and an operation to correct its chewing,it didn’t seem to improve, so I asked for a consultation to discover what I didn’t understand.
The images Andrea described in his report referred to the place where the animal was lodged,  his vet visits, the description of my colleague, the presence of a Breton dog who was also at the clinic, who was described in great detail, and to its love for a yellow food, probably the peppers which guinea pigs often love. The report also, importantly,  described the pain which was compatible with the symptoms observed clinically. Being able to communicate for once with a patient and find that the guinea pig was feeling better with the therapy we had undertaken helped us to continue our cure in the best way possible.
Zazie, Modena. (Italia)

Astrid is a roatvailer that is with me from the age of three years old. She is very active dog even if in some occasions she behaves as she had suffered in the past so I decide to call Animal Talk Italia to have a distance communication. From the report that Andrea send me I found confirmation on my thought and I’m glad that Astrid now is very happy feel loved to stay with us. I also found a very accurate body scanning of Astrid with her physical feelings such as: the problems on her eyes and the operation she had on her front right leg. I was really surprise of the description Andrea give me about our family habits and Astrid’s dream of hunt  wild ducks; I must say that she is a good hunter and she is always have been a big “fun” of these big birds!
Thank you Andrea for your work that really help me to better understand my dog  and create a much closer relationship.

Sofia, Odense. (Denmark)

Dear Andrea,
Thank you very much for your report on your communication with Gilli.  I was pleased to hear that he doesn't feel that I abandoned him, and delighted he would like us to visit. I will certainly make plans to visit him and will take Zoe, my other dog, with me. 
Thank you Andrea.

Jacqueline, Cape Town (South Africa)

We are the owners of a female mixed breed named Dora. We heard of Andrea and his ability to communicate with animals from another dog owner. Since we were curious, and needed help, we contacted him. Our dog is in fact afraid of cats. We sent Dora’s photo to Andrea, who sent us a report which included points in common with Dora’s behavior. Her fear is slowly disappearing, and we are trying to follow Andrea’s advice, which has so far been helpful.

Thank you, Paola, Tommaso, Giacomo, Modena. (Italia)