Frequently asked questions

1. Can we really communicate with animals?
Yes. Communicating with animals is a natural process, which all of us are capable of  since we are all a part of nature, although with our frenetic “evolved” lives we have distanced ourselves from it.
Small children possess this capacity, which is soon discouraged by our culture. Even adults often exclaim about their pet: “He can read my mind” or “he speaks without words” or “we under stand each other deep down”.  These are all examples of non-verbal communication, messages we naturally send our animals and that they react to with their behavior.

2. How can we communicate with animals?
 Learning how to communicate with animals is not much different from learning a new language or acquiring skill in a sport. We must first be aware that we too are a small link to the animal Kingdom, just like all other living creatures. This sense of respect, harmony and love allows us to “remember” how to listen to nature with our hearts and no longer our minds. This natural intuition and the capacity to communicate with other species require a great deal of patience and discipline..

3. Can communication be a substitute for the veterinarian?
No. Communication cannot replace the precious work of veterinarians, but it can and should be used as a complementary instrument.

3a. How can I request a consultation?  Simply send a photograph and the name of the animal. The animal’s face must be clearly visible and no other animals must be present.

4. Why the photograph?
Telepathic communication occurs on an energy level with animals. The photo is important because it allows me to establish a direct contact with that animal’s specific energy.

5. Must the picture be recent?

No. The picture does not have to be taken at the time you request the consultation. Any photo (see n.4) is sufficient.

 6. How long does the communication last?  (Continue)

The time necessary for a consultation varies according to the matter to be examined and the animal’s willingness to communicate. It must be taken into consideration that they, like us, may not open up during the first session or not at a precise moment. Normally a single session lasts about an hour but more than one session may be necessary to examine a particular matter in depth.

7. Will I receive written information about the consulting session?
Yes. You will receive a report containing all the information received during the communication session. This detailed analysis goes through the phases of communication step by step.

8. Can you communicate at a distance?
Yes. Telepathic communication takes place at a level of energy which allows communication even at a distance. Communication is established through a photograph of the animal.

9. What is the owner’s role in communication?
Initially the owner must interpret the information given in the report sent to him.(See D7)The report in fact repeats the information exactly as they are received. At the end there will be clues to its interpretation based on the knowledge of the animal which has been acquired, but the final interpretation must come through a direct confrontation with the owner (for example the image of a butterfly could be a symbol of transformation or the actual presence of a butterfly in a particular environment).

10. I sit possible to communicate with every kind of animal?
Yes. It’s possible to establish communication with any type of animal.

11. Are there animals which are more intelligent than others?
No. All animals are intelligent and feel emotion, pain and fear. The size of the animal or its place in the food chain does not determine its intelligence. I have had the opportunity to communicate with the legendary white lions of South Africa and the orangutans of Borneo, but it isn’t surprising that even small animals can be very communicative. I communicated with a canary, which although it has fewer opportunities to interact compared to a dog or a cat, transmitted an accurate description of the house where it lived and the behavior of its owners towards it. I also perceived that, among other things, it missed the feeling of the wind on its feathers, which demonstrates a knowledge of inbred instincts present even in an animal born and bred in captivity.

12. Is it possible to communicate with dead animals?
Yes. In this case we’re talking about deep communication with the animal’s essential energy.  The astral body is eternal and it’s often possible to establish a contact. In this case we can’t ask specific questions, but can only receive messages the animals wishes to communicate.

13. Can we ask our animals specific questions or send them messages?
Yes. We can do both. Communication flows along two pathways, from and to the animal. This allows us to analyze and investigate particular problems at a deep level of consciousness.

14. Can I ask for a consultation even if there is no particular problem?
Yes. Just like us, our animals are full of life and anxious to communicate. This kind of “open” communication permits us to initiate a dialogue of messages, strong emotions, and useful information.

15. What sort of information can I receive?
As in a dialogue, the information can be varied: daily habits, physical sensations, moods,specific requests, messages for the owner, past experiences. One must realize that, since we are dealing with living creatures, often the information communicated is what the animal considers most important. In the case of domestic animals which live side by side with their owners, that the information given may be very personal. For this reason the privacy of your identity is guaranteed.

16. Is it possible to change the habits or the behavior of our animals?
Through communication it’s possible to analyze the origin of particular behaviors and work to correct them. The information received is also very useful to the owner in his daily relations with his animal.